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High Judicial Council Holds a Workshop on "Mainstreaming Gender Perspective within HJC Plans"  


On Jan 12, 2017- High Judicial Council organized a workshop on "Mainstreaming Gender and Juvenile Justice within HJC Plans and Work Mechanism" supported by SAWASYA Program with participation from Deputy of Ministry of Women's Affairs Bassam al-Khateeb, Gender and Juvenile Justice Expert Mrs. Fatima Dana,  judges and employees from different departments of HJC, MOWA and General Personnel Council.

The workshop was held in Jericho and targeted the technical team of Gender Unit at HJC represented by judges from First Instance and Magistrates Courts, and employees from different departments of HJC.

In his speech, Chancellor Emad Saleem Saad announced that HJC is commented to complete the process of institutionalizing the specialized judicial services regarding cases of gender based violence in accordance to the international standards of human rights and gender equality and best practices.

His Excellency added "We believe in partnership with other formal institutions, CSOs and donors to build society free from gender based violence and to help women to work side by side with men". He also assured the importance of enhancing gender perspective within HJC plans and organizational structure especially after recommendations of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abass and to meet international conventions and treaties; paying more attention to the endorsement of Family Protection Law and to the implementation of Juvenile Law and establishing specialized public services within work mechanism at HJC, Public Prosecution and Police.

Chancellor Saad expressed his deep appreciation for HJC partnership with Gender Units at other national institutions especially at Ministry of Women's Affairs and thanked SAWASYA Program for their support to enhance judiciary in Palestine.

For his part and on behalf of the minister of Women's Affairs, Mr. Bassam al-Khateeb indicated that the ministry is looking forward to build strong partnership with HJC and other institutions regarding establishing Gender Units; thanking Chancellor Saad and HJC for all support and efforts to develop services of gender cases.

Gender and Juvenile Justice Expert Mrs. Fatima Dana announced the end of phase 1 of the program and the beginning of phase 2, then she delivered the training on Gender Unit's roles and mainstreaming them to HJC and justice sector plans.