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Judicial Inspection Department


 Judge Ahmad Al-Mughani


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Judicial Inspection Department was established in Palestine to Article (42) of the Judicial Authority Law; composed of Head of the Technical Office Judge Fatehi Abu-Sarsour (Supreme Court judge), four associate judges from Courts of Appeal and administrative staff.

High Judicial Council issued judicial inspection by-law to organize department's jurisdictions in accordance of Article (4), 2006 to promote and support the department activities.


Jurisdictions and responsibilities:

  • Maintain regular monitoring system and records of judges which considered vital in enhancing the independency of judiciary and prevention of interference from other powers.
  • Oversight and monitoring all departments in Regular Courts.
  • Follow up complaints submitted by chief justice.
  • Produce annual reports and recommendations that focus on judicial inspection activities; prepare judges evaluations.
  • Notify judges who were eligible for promotion.
  • Take disciplinary actions against disqualified judges.
  • Cooperate with Judicial Training Department in determine curricula that conform to selected training themes and develop judges training programs.

The Judicial Inspection Department contributed in preparing the Unified Arab Pilot Law Project for judicial inspection and other internal workshops on enhancing the importance of judicial inspection.

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