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High Judicial Council Holds Workshop on "Technological Achievements of HJC and Future Plans"  


On Dec22, 2016 - Chief Justice Chancellor Emad Saleem Saad opened two-day workshop on "Technological Achievements of HJC and future plans" with participation from SAWASYA Program Director Marisa Consolata.

The workshop targeted chiefs of Dewan, directors of HJC departments and courts' staff; it aimed at creating better understanding for the latest developments and achievements of IT Department at HJC which improved work mechanism in courts and subsequently  saved time and effort and facilitated access to justice for all publics. The workshop also aimed at designing future plans to be able to continue the success of the MEZAN Program.

In His Excellency speech, he indicated that judiciary is based on justice because it's a supreme human value and one of God's features, and this justice needs strong, efficient and independence judiciary; taking into consideration that HJC works to achieve respect, dignity and freedom for all Palestinian citizens.

Chancellor Saad assured HJC readiness to develop justice facilities and enhance courts' ability to perform the mission of judiciary through paying attention to atomization and computerization of courts. It is worth noting that all courts have been connected to data base system connected to a central one which is connected to other justice sector institutions.

At the end of his speech, Chancellor Saad thanked donors and partners who support HJC especially SAWASYA, the joint program between UNDP and UN WOMEN; adding that he will work hard to achieve huge step in providing public services and developing courts facilities. 

For her part, Mrs. Consolata considered MEZAN 2 as an important tool to develop justice and guarantee efficient and independence judiciary, knowing that all information that have been collected by MEZAN 2 helped in providing better services and better understanding for judges' work on daily bases. She also assured continues support to enhance providing best public services.

IT Expert, Mr. Murad Roman delivered a presentation on technological achievements of HJC within MEZAN 2, electronic services for public and lawyers and judges, optimum timeline, screens for displaying general information, computerization of notification departments and notary public, KIOSK machines, connecting with judicial police. During the workshop, General Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs Mohamad Sharakeh discussed the manual of chiefs of Dewan, and Chief Justice Advisor Issam Akel talked about building of staff and team work.