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Regular Court Judges Discuss Joining the Convention against Torture  


On July 8; 2015 - A roundtable meeting was attended by Regular Court judges, Secretary- General Nassar Mansour and Chairman of The Swiss National Commission for the Prevention of Torture (NCPT) Dr. Jean-Pierre Restellini.

This meeting came to discuss human rights issues relating to security and justice sector in general and the Convention against Torture in particular. It is worth nothing that State of Palestine signed the convention recently.

Secretary- General Nassar Mansour emphasized the importance of exchanging experience between national judges and international experts, for his part Head of DCAF Office in Ramallah Mr. Zoltan Venczel clarified the main objectives of this meeting: the importance of making a discussion on the convention, preparing reports to build a future plan, discussing possible ways for Palestine to sign the Optional Protocol relating to the convention and discussing the current situation for human rights implementation in justice sector in Palestine.

Expert and member in the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture Dr. Restellini assured the significance of signing the Optional Protocol especially after the Palestinian signing to join many international conventions; he also presented an explanation on: detention monitoring tools, prevention of torture and other ill treatment in detention facilities and roles of national and international committees.