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Chief Justice Meets Chairman of Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate  


On Jan 2, 2017 – Chief Justice Chancellor Emad Saleem Saad met with Chairman of Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate Naser Abu-Baker to discuss joint cooperation and signing MOU in future.

His Excellency Chancellor Saad welcomed attendance and assured the importance role of Journalists' Syndicate and the huge responsibility upon journalists especially in conveying and documenting Palestinian situation and is happening on land; indicating the importance of paying attention to convey accurate and adequate news and information regarding judicial issues.

Mr. Abu-Baker conveyed his warm greetings and congratulations to Chief Justice on his new position, he emphasized that relation between judiciary and the syndicate aims to achieve one goal which is represented by providing best services to public.

During the meeting, both parties discussed ways to institutionalize the relation by developing and signing MOU to meet and cope with the essence of law especially after the developing of some laws regarding media and audio-visual publications.