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Courts Administrations


Courts Administrations

Administrative and Financial Affairs

 Mr. Mohamed Sharaka

General Manager

Tell: 022428565/022428664

Fax: 022422392


Administrative and Financial Affairs Department was established in (2000-2001) starting its functions with preparatory period which covers organizing of employees files and regulating of courts administrations.

Administrative and Financial Affairs Responsibilities:

  • Administrations of human resources in a manner that fosters the needs and diversity of courts.
  • Follow up and review courts and administrative employees' affairs and needs that include promotions and appointments in accordance to organizational structure.
  • Supervise employees' records of salaries, transportations, retirements, and training programs.
  • Organize long term custody records and short term cards according to law.
  • Execute and follow up procedures of appointments for new employees.
  • Provide fund to supply courts with equipment and materials necessary to courts.
  • Provide courts and administrative departments with accessories and equipment necessary to perform their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Maintain and repair facilities and equipment in accordance to contracts and warranties with relevant parties.
  • Develop all courthouses facilities and outline the appropriate use of space to meet the needs of litigation process.
  • Supervise over regular maintenance for courts infrastructure and cars license and insurance.
  • Prepare budget and administer financial affairs of courts and departments in accordance to law; prepare inventory list for projects supported by donors and implemented by courts.
  • Prepare final account reports for projects and confirm with funding actors.
  • Regulate and organize accounting records.
  • Supervise file management and archival system.
  • Maintain constant controls to monitor the financial operation of departments, head of departments, managers, accountants and cashiers in courts.
  • Prepare detailed accounting disclosures for courts expenses.
  • Follow up and monitor cash and payment statues with relevant parties facilitate work mechanism in courts and provide daily expenses.
  • Perform any other duties as needed.

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