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Information Technology Directorate


Eng. Samer Hamdan

Acting General Director

Telefax: 022425952


Information Technology Department was established in 2005 in order to help High Judicial Council to cope with the latest developments and relevant challenges on Judicial Authority sector and to provide technological services that ensure speedy trials and facilitate access to justice.

Since the beginning of IT Department tasks, a clear and ambitious vision came into light which based on developing an effective system for legal aid, automating operations, enhancing quality of justice service delivery and using modern IT system.


IT Department Responsibilities:

  • Develop and approve plans to create computerized services and information technology systems.
  • Design and develop internal software for case management system to follow up case files at all levels of litigation starting from its filling stage until the adoption of the execution procedures.
  • Design and build computer networks and electronic systems in judicial authority buildings and offices.
  • Prepare courts facilities and buildings for better implementation of the developed information system.
  • Follow up the progress in courts work mechanism and evaluate the needs in order to identify gaps so as to be taken into consideration in future plans.
  • Design a website for judicial authority.
  • Prepare and implement training programs on the use of information technology in courts.


IT Department Achievements:

  • Computerize all regular courts and equip them with networks, printers, scanners and PBX phone systems.
  • Design and build software:
    • Case management program (MEZAN).
    • Personnel affairs management program.
    • Supplies and stores management program.
    • Technical office management program.
    • Correspondence management program.
    • Judges affairs management program.
  • Design and build electronic services:
    • Electronic services for lawyers.
    • Electronic services for judges.
    • Electronic services for public citizens.
    • Electronic services for personnel.
    • Electronic services for statistical reports and courts schedules.
    • Supreme Court decisions.
  • Activate e-links with relevant authorities:
    • Ministry of Interior database (population records).
    • Ministry of Justice (national criminal records).
    • Ministry of Transportation and Palestinian Police (traffic violation reports).
    • Palestinian Bar Association (lawyers' directory).
  • Sign memorandum of understanding:
    • Shariah Judiciary (computerize Shariah Courts).
    • Ecclesiastical Judiciary (computerize Ecclesiastical Courts).
    • Palestinian Bar Association (exchange information). 

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