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High Judicial Council Participates in the Inauguration of Procedures for the Criminal Mediation of Juveniles  


High Judicial Council participated in the inauguration of the project of Procedures for the Criminal Mediation of Juveniles, represented by Judge Mahmoud Jamous, juvenile judges' committee represented by Judge Ahmad Weld Ali and Judge Hala Mansour; the inauguration of the project came in the frame of joint cooperation between parties of justice sector and aimed at enhancing children access to justice through cooperation of justice systems and implementing reformist approach for mediation of Juveniles' procedures.

Head of Courts' Administration Judge Jamous welcomed Minister of Social Development Mr. Ibraim Alshaer, Attorney General Akram Alkhatib, the representative of Ard El Insan Association- Palestine, public prosecutors, the representative of Bar Association, and police officers of juvenile and family protection.

Judge Jamous added that the issuance of decree law No. 4, 2016 concerning juvenile protection came in accordance to international standards of children's right, and it takes into consideration the implementation of best practices in all procedures that related to children. He also added that mediation is stipulated in Article (23) as one of the alternative procedures in litigation, in other words, the referral of child's case from criminal judiciary to community support services in order to avoid formal procedures and negative impact that may resulted from other litigation procedures like the stigma of conviction.  

At the end of the inauguration, all participants assured the importance of collective work to identify and approve social mediators to enhance work mechanism in the field of mediation.