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Chief Justice Participates in Prosecution Sixth Annual Conference  


On March 24, 2016 – Chief Justice Sami Sarsour participated in Prosecution Sixth Annual Conference in Jericho. The conference was attended by President Legal Advisor Hassan Al-Ori, Jerich Governor Majed Al-Fitiani, Head of Jordanian Prosecution Akram Massa'deh, Minister of Justice Abu-Diak, Supreme Shariah Judge Dr. Mahmoud Habash, Chief of Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission Rafiq Al-Natsheh, Acting Attorney General Barak, Chief of Palestinian Civil Police Major General Hazim Attallah, Chairman of Palestinian Bar Association Hussein Shabaneh and SWASYA Program Manger Marisa Consolata.

In his speech, Chief Justice mentioned the nontraditional role for prosecution regarding policy making for futuristic judiciary system especially for juveniles and women through establishing Family Protection Unit.