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High Judicial Council Holds Workshop on Legal Implications of Misuse for MEZAN Program  


On Feb 27, 2016- High Judicial Council organized two-day workshop to inform staff on legal implications of misuse for MEZAN (2) Case Management Program.

President of First Instance Court in Jericho Judge Raed Assaf opened the workshop evaluating the quality of work that has been achieved due to using MEZAN (2) on both levels: judiciary work and public digital services as well as KIOSK machines that have been provided in front of some courts.

The workshop targeted staff in courts like Chiefs of Deawn and clerks; it focused on administrative sanctions in case of misuse for the program. IT Department Manager, Mr. Murad Roman explained roles and mandates of the staff who use the program and conduct a discussion between the attendance.

It is worth noting that MEZAN program came as a comprehensive information technology system with a vision that includes electronic case management system, register and case file automation, electronic communications of courts data in order to assist courts implementation and to facilitate use of technology in courthouses, taking into consideration a priority for enhancing and improving access to justice to all citizens in an efficient and transparent way.