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High Judicial Council Holds Training on Gender-Based Violence  


Jan 26, 2017 - High Judicial Council organized training on cases of gender-based violence in cooperation with UN WOMEN within UNDP Joint Program and UNICEF "SAWASYA"; knowing that the training was conducted by the Psychological Counseling Expert Mr. Abd Al-Raziq Gazal.

The training was held in Jericho and targeted 30 judges of Gender Unit from different litigation levels and courts in northern governorates; such trainings came after recommendations from H.E. Chancellor Emad Saleem Saad and in consistency with HJC strategic plan which pays much attention to cases of gender-based violence specially after the approving of Gender Unit at HJC organizational structure and in accordance to international treaties that State of Palestine has been joined like CEDAW.

The Expert Mr. Gazl assured that the training came in the frame of a transformational phase in justice system which enable it to deal with women victims of violence, and to highlight the context and roots of violence in society. He also added that it is very important for judges who deal with such cases to be aware of the sensitivity of working on these cases and he recommended holding series of similar training to deepen the understanding to gender-based violence.