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Chief Justice Meets EUPOL COPPS Delegation  


Chief Justice Chancellor Emad Saleem Saad met with EUPOL COPPS delegation and Head of Mission Kauko Aaltomaa.

H.E. conveyed his warm greetings and congratulations to Ms. Katja Dominik as the new deputy head of mission wishing her success and assuring the willingness of HJC to keep cooperation with EUPOL COPPS in projects and support to justice sector.

During the meeting, the attendees discussed ways of cooperation, achievements of last phase and work mechanisms for next phase especially after the new mandate of the mission and the tendency to concentrate on justice sector in addition to security sector. They also discussed the importance of identifying the role of justice institutions and amendments on Judicial Authority Law.

Chancellor Saad assured that the ultimate goal is the administrative and financial independence of judicial authority that safeguards independence of judiciary, and emphasized the importance of identifying roles and powers of justice institutions to achieve progress in all sectors. H. E. assured that HJC considers justice sector as a comprehensive integrated system, adding that President Mahmoud Abass supports amendments on laws related to justice sector especially judiciary which will provide suitable and developed services for Palestinian citizens and litigators in courts.

Chief Justice mentioned that the coming discussions on Judicial Authority law will be held by the end of August to find results in this regard; knowing that H. E. referring that the current law equalizes other laws in neighboring countries and it organizes the work of Judicial Authority not its developments, and it is preferable for the mission to focus and support judicial procedures.

Chancellor Saad assured the importance of cooperation in the field of specialized training offered by the mission on updated subjects taking into consideration the load of cases in courts.    

For his part, Mr. Aaltomaa expressed his deep appreciation to HJC and their continuous work and cooperation. He added that the European Union is highly interested in developing Judicial Authority and transferring external experiences to Palestinian judiciary though holding specialized training in accordance to prepared work plans; thanking HJC for their interest in developing gender and human rights units.   

By the end of the meeting, H. E. thanked EUPOL COPPS mission for supporting HJC projects assuring that the mission is a partner and main supporter for justice sector.