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High Judicial Council Launches E-services  


On Oct 5, 2015 - High Judicial Council launched "The E-services Machine" that developed by IT Department at Judicial Authority, property to HJC and funded by UNDP. This machine came in response to litigation needs; it provides courts services electronically 24 hours a day including holidays.

As chief justice and special representative of UNDP cut the ribbon for the launching of the e-services machine, they were joined by representatives from international organizations, CSO, justice sector institutions and media.

Chief Justice Ali Muhana mentioned the challenges facing Judicial Authority assuring to the importance of dealing with them by using creative solutions and to take advantage of new technology. He also indicated that e-services can reduce caseload in courts as well as solving other problems in judiciary. H.E added that this step in not isolated from other projects that HJC is implementing to meet the needs of litigation process and to reduce cost, time and space problems.

For his part, Special Representative Mr. Roberto Valent expressed his thanks to the governments of Netherlands, Sweden and Britain which funded the projects: and his gratitude to all efforts had done by Judicial Authority. He also highlighted the achievements of State of Palestine institutions working in complicated circumstances assuring that UNDP and UN Women are committed to work in close cooperation to help citizens access to justice.


IT Department Manager Mr. Murad Roman delivered an explanation on work mechanism of e-services machine and answered the questions of the attendance.