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     Access to justice for all in free will and without borders            Our priority is to carry out justice in the shortest possible time            Where justice is achieved, prosperity is enforced            Access to justice for all is the first duty society            Access to justice exists when it can be afforded for all      

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Ramallah City Courts New Archive

  • Chief Justice Chaired a Meeting of Judicial Authority Emergency Committee

    Chief Justice Chief of Supreme Court Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar discussed several scenarios that insure the spinning of Judicial authority circle and carrying out its duties and keeping the rights and freedoms during the current circumstances.   The discussion was made during the meeting of Ju

  • Chief Justice Meets EU Delegation in Palestine

    Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar met with EU delegation chaired by Head of Governance Section Joris HEEREN to discuss the current cooperation. Chief Justice Abu Sharar welcomed the delegation and passed deep thanks and appreciation to EU for their continuous support to Palestinian judiciary

  • An Announcement for Civil Society Organizations

    In line with the decision of the Transitional High Judicial Council on providing the courts with additional new judges, and in response to the continuous increase in the number of the filed cases, an announcement on holding a number of judicial competitions to recruit qualified judges in regular cou

  • Chief Justice Meets the Representative of the Netherlands in Palestine

    Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar met with the Representative of the Netherlands in Palestine Mr. Kees van Baar and the delegation accompanied him to discuss ways of joint cooperation.   Chancellor Abu Sharar welcomed the attendance and briefed them on the reform plan of Transitiona

  • Chief Justice Meets Delegation from British Consulate-General

    Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar met with delegation from British Consulate-General to discuss the possibility of resuming a program of support; knowing that the British Consulate-General has commissioned a team to undertake an assessment of Palestinian Justice Sector needs. The delegation

  • Chief Justice Chancellor Abu Sharar Meets Jordanian Ambassador

    Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar met with the Jordanian Ambassador in Palestine Mr. Mohamad Abuwandi to brief him on the latest efforts on restructuring Judicial Authority and benefit from Jordanian model. Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar indicated that he issued his recommendations to the compe

  • High Judicial Council Opens Training on Media Coverage of Courts

    Transitional High Judicial Council opened training on media coverage of regular courts targeted journalists and practitioners in media institutions and media graduates.   Member of Transitional High Judicial Council and Judicial training Department Officer Judge Azmi Al-Tanjeer welcomed the tr

  • Transitional High Judicial Council Offers Holiday Season's Greetings

    Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar and Transitional High Judicial Council members offer their heartiest congratulations and warmest wishes to Palestinians who celebrate Christmas and New Year. On this holiday we wish all Palestinians prosperity, peace and confidence in present and future. M

  • Chief Justice Meets Acting EU Representative in Palestine

    Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar met with Acting EU Representative in Palestine Thomas Nicholson and Head of Programs Simona Galotta to discuss work plan of Transitional High Judicial Council. Chancellor Abu Sharar presented a brief on the framework of Transition High Judicial Council work

  • 25 Magistrates Start Training Program at Palestinian Judicial Institute

    The Basic Training Program started at Palestinian Judicial Institute with participation from Supreme Court Judge and Deputy Head of Board of PJI Iman Nasser Eddin, Director of PJI Judge Kifah Alshouli and Secretary General Assad Shunnar to provide training for the newly appointed magistrate judges,