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The Judicial Competition 2017


On Oct 28, 2017 – High Judicial Council held the judicial competition 2017 to be appoint 20 judges to work as Magistrate judges in regular courts in Palestine; knowing that the competition committee was formed in accordance of recommendation of High Judicial Council session No. (6), 2017 dated on 11/7/2017. The committee chaired by Judge Iman Nasser Al-Deen and membership of Judge Bassam Hijawi, judge Abed Al-kareem Hanoun ans Judge Hazim Idkadik.

Judge Nasser Al-Deen stated that the number of submitted applications was (211); (29) invalid applications and (24) applications containing disciplinary violations were excluded. Thus, (158) applications met the conditions, and (129) attended the competition.

It is worth noting that the competition was conducted under supervision from Association of Palestinian Judges Club, HJC General Secretariat chaired by Assistant Secretary General Assad Shunnar, a delegation from Bar Association in addition to representatives from civils society organizations.


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